8 things will increase your memory power

Memory power

Memory Power is a facet of Intelligence.  Memory is the process of recording the required information in the mind (Registration) and retaining it and releasing it at the required time.  Memory development can be maintained and enhanced by understanding and working on the principles and theories that influence memory. Today we are discussing about 8 things will increase your memory power


We remember more of what we want to remember.  We meet someone we met on the trip.  We quickly forgot his name.  We do not need to remember the names of many of the people we meet.  Not interested in being remembered.  At the same time ask for the name with the intention and interest to be remembered and think that the name should be remembered so that you will remember the names.  Interest is the biggest factor influencing memory.


Hearing and listening are two things.  We do not remember everything we hear.  We remember listening more attentively.  Focus on what you need to remember.  The thought that I have to remember this makes us more focused.


Repetition is the mother of memory.  Once you have learned a verse, theory or formula, it should be repeated from time to time.  The term "repetitive boredom" exists.  Repetition is boring to us in general, but the emotion of boredom can be replaced by repetition.


Memory is divided into two types, short memory and long memory.  Learning anew first comes down to humor.  What is in the comic will soon be forgotten.  What is learned from the humorous passage into the long memory when further study is done.  The information that has long been remembered will remain in the memory for a long time.  Information that has been transferred to amnesia through additional study needs to be repeated periodically.  The additional study and repetition intervals required will vary according to each person's memory.


There are foods that increase and decrease memory.  Brahmi, Vayamp, cow ghee, kayam, gold and conch flower are some of the non-food items that enhance memory.  Unani, homeopathy, and ayurveda are some of the most effective and non-side-effect medicines for improving memory.

Mental exercise

There are many mental exercises that can help improve memory.  Psychologists have developed a number of mental exercises, such as auto suggestion and meditation.


There are so many types it's hard to say.  VIBGYOR is the famous word for remembering the seven colors.  VIBGYOR is a combination of the initials of the words violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.  This is called ACRONYM.  Says.  In this way, the first letter of the words to be memorized can be combined or the words can be memorized into sentences or stories.


Thinking that we have less memory and saying that we have less will reduce our memory .Our brain is like a computer.  Giving harmful instructions to the head will be accepted.  Lack of confidence in memory also reduces memory.  Confidence and qualitative programming can enhance memory.  Repeat for a few weeks in your mind that “my memory is increasing every day in every way”.  You can see the change in memory. 

 One of the most essential for success in life is memory and workshops to enhance memory  conducted as part of personality development seminars.  Books are also available that explain how to enhance memory.

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