Women in Islam - Spiritual view of woman in islam and Gender equality

Women in islam

We can see a lot of articles on the subject of women in Islam.  In all such articles, the woman in Islam is portrayed as a prisoner.
Islam oppresses women.  Infringes on their rights.  Since then, a number of allegations have been leveled against Islam.  Most of the allegations are propagated by the opponents of Islam.  In this article, we examine the spiritual aspects of gender equality in Islam.

Women in Islam: What does the Qur'an say about gender equality?

The Qur'an declares that man and woman are of the same nature: “O mankind, fear your Lord God.  Who created you from a single soul, and created its mate from the same spirit, and then spread forth men and women from both.  Fear the God to whom you ask each other (rights).  God is constantly watching over you, of course.  "(Qur'an 4: 1)" He it is Who created you from a single soul, and out of that spirit He created its mate. '  (Qur'an 7: 189) "(God) is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He created for you mates from among yourselves, and created mates for livestock. Thus He multiplies you (on earth), and there is none like Him."  He is the All-Seeing, the All-Hearing. ”(Qur'an 42:11)

Men and women alike are the beneficiaries of the "Divine" because he was created in the same spiritual nature, and the Qur'an reveals that God created man and woman from one soul. This is a universal boon.  And his spirit blew into him.  He gave you hearing, sight, and understanding.  (Yet) you are just a little bit thankful.  "(Qur'an 32: 9) God told the angels to pay homage to Adam, the father of man and woman:" If I form him properly and my spirit blows in him, then you shall prostrate yourself before Him. "(Qur'an 15:29)  And handed over the management.  “We have honored the descendants of Adam.  We provided them with vehicles on the beach and on land.  Delicious items were provided with the food.  And gave superiority over many other creations.  (Qur'an 17:70) "When your Creator told the angels that I am going to create a representative on earth."  They said, "Are you creating there those who cause trouble and shed blood?"  We are the ones who can glorify your glory and glorify holiness.  He said: I know what you do not know.  (Qur'an 2:30) 

Women in Islam: Gender Equality in Islam (the case of Adam and Eve)

The Qur'an never blames women for the fall of man.  Moreover, it rejects the claim that a woman conceives and gives birth as a punishment for eating from a forbidden tree.  On the contrary, the Qur'an teaches that Adam and Eve were equal partners in the sin they committed in Paradise.  From the Qur'anic point of view, pregnancy and childbirth are sufficient reasons for children to love their mother.  “Adam, you and your wife live in this paradise.  And both eat to their heart's content.  But do not approach this one tree.  If approached, you will become sinners.  

Then the devil deceived them.  And so on The nakedness that was kept secret was revealed to them, and the devil said to them: Your Creator has forbidden you this tree so that you may not become angels or living creatures.  He swore before them that he was for their good.  Thus he deluded them.  So when they tasted the tree, their nakedness was revealed to each other, and they began to cover their bodies with the leaves of heaven.  Then God called out to them: "Did I not forbid you this kind, and say that the devil is your manifest wretch?"  ) Said: “Go forth (from Paradise).  You will be enemies to one another, (now) your abode is the earth.  You have life there for a while.  You will live there, die there, and be resurrected.  O children of Adam! We have given you clothing to cover your nakedness and clothing to adorn your body.  But the best is the dress of righteousness.  These are the signs that God sets forth for mankind.  Children of Adam, do not be tempted, as the devil drove your parents out of heaven and stripped them of their garments to expose their nakedness to one another.  He and his team are watching you.  But they are hidden from your sight.  We have appointed the devils as allies for those who do not believe.  (Qur'an 7: 19-27) 

The Qur'an has used the word "both" when addressing Adam and Eve.  See Genesis (chapters 2, 3), Leviticus (12: 1-7, 15; 19-30), and Timothy (2: 11-14) to understand the difference between biblical descriptions.  In one chapter of the Qur'an, it is Adam and Eve, not Eve, who is blamed for eating from the forbidden tree.  (20: 115)

 Women in Islam: What does Islam say about pregnancy and childbirth?

The Qur'an speaks of pregnancy and childbirth Says: “We have counseled man concerning his parents.  His mother named him after him, suffering more than suffering.  And she nursed him for two years.  (So ​​We admonished him :) Give me thanks;  And parents.  Return to me (of all).  "(Qur'an 31:14)" We advised man to love his parents, and his mother bore him with difficulty, and she bore him a child, and she bore him and breastfed him for thirty months. "(Qur'an 46:15) 

This applies not only to pregnancy and childbirth, but also to menstruation, which is viewed with respect.  Islam forbids menstrual intercourse because of the health of the husband and wife and the distress of the wife.  That is the meaning of the Qur'anic injunction.  “Tell them they ask you about menstruation.  It is an impurity.  So stay away from women during menstruation.  Do not receive them until they are cleansed.  "(Qur'an 2: 222) Two misconceptions about this verse need to be removed. One is that" uncleanness "is not for women, but for menstrual blood. Having intercourse during menstruation is not only unhealthy, but also harmful for women.

Women in Islam: Is Islamic responsibility equal for men and women?

Religious and moral duties and responsibilities  It is the same for men and women.  Islam teaches that every human being - male or female - has to experience the consequences of his own actions.  “Then the Lord God answered them, saying, I will not nullify the works of any of you, whether male or female;  You all belong to one race.  (Qur'an 3: 195) "Whether a man or a woman, whoever does good deeds as a believer, they will enter Paradise."  They will not be wronged at all.  (Qur'an 4: 124) 

 “Women and men dedicated to God, believing women and men, godly women and men, honest women and men, humble women and men, humble women and men, fasting women and men, women and men who keep the tradition of God and the memory of God.  Great rewards are also prepared.  "(Qur'an 33:35)

 "On the day when you shall see the believers and the believing women, their light will shine before their right and in front of them. Today you have glad tidings;  (Qur'an 57:12) 

Women in islam: Gender Equality in Islam; What is the standard of excellence in Islam?

The Qur'anic view of man's attractions is clear: "O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female, so that you (the various communities and tribes) may recognize one another.  49:13) Analyzing this verse will help man to find the basis of human and spiritual equality before God.

  1. This verse begins by addressing the whole human race.  It can be seen as a universal declaration of this.
  2. It declares that the creator of the server is the same.  If the God of the server is one, then the argument that they are a superior 'special race created by a God' is absurd.  No special birth k.  If not, casteism would have become unfounded.  .  Prophet Muhammad said: “You are all born of Adam.  Adam was created from dust.  “There are no inferiorities in the human reproductive process.  The king, the beggar, the woman and the man were all created in the style of the Qur'an, "from a humiliating liquid letter.  The fact that all human beings are the creation of one God resonates with humanity.  God will deal justly with all.
  3. The essence of spirituality and humanity is that man is a faithful creation, servant and worshiper of his Creator God.  This is where the essence of gender justice resides. 
  4.  This verse reveals that all human beings are "from one male and one female." The Qur'an frequently states that man was created in pairs, and the following context is given: "We have created you in pairs." (Qur'an 78: 8) Each component of the pair (or pair)  It is permissible and important.  So both have the same term.  The expression "one man and one woman" is also translated as "Adam and Eve".  It reminds us that the parents of all human beings are one and the same.  In short, all human beings are equal and brothers in a 'broad family'. 
  5.  This verse of the Qur'an teaches that no gender, language, ethnicity or religious claim can be the basis of human attraction.  The expression "you know one another" means that God deliberately created such distinctions.  What is more attractive and beautiful than the concept of "same color and same dress" is different.  
  6. What is most important here is the clear declaration that every person has greatness and status before God on the basis of piety and piety.  It rejects any other criterion of sexuality, including gender. 

Nowhere in the Qur'an does it say that man is superior to woman.  Some commentators on the Qur'an may have mistranslated the Arabic word "Qiyam" (responsibility to the family) as "virtuous".  However, the Qur'an has unequivocally stated that if a person is superior and superior to the other, its sole position is piety and piety, and not gender, color or land.

Women in islam: Why are there no women among the prophets in Islam?

The reason for the absence of women among the prophets or messengers of God is related to the needs of the prophetic work and physical suffering.  Alleged in women.  It is not a spiritual affliction. 

The question arises in the West as to whether a Muslim woman can be ordained a priest.  The background to this question is that some Christian churches do this.  In fact, there is no such thing as a "church" or "priesthood" in Islam, so the issue of ordination does not arise.  This is in view of the difficulty that women face in prostrating and prostrating freely behind their backs. However, there are many great jurists in Islamic history who taught and advised men and women alike.


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