How should our behavior and attitude be in our homes?

How should our behavior and attitude be in our homes?

Our home is one of our favorite places.  We need to have the most peace of mind when we get to our homes.  In today’s article we will discuss how our behavior and attitude should be in our home?


Home is our first school.  His parents are his teachers.  From them we learn the first lessons of knowledge.  We must have gained a lot of knowledge even before we got to school.  It comes from our home and surroundings.  We come to school with that knowledge.  What should be our attitude and behavior in our first school family?  How do you earn a reputation for being a good mixer?  Here are some suggestions.

Respect your parents

Only those who are blessed and blessed by their parents can succeed in life.  Let no word or deed come out of our mouths that they may curse.  We must always be indebted to them.  It is our duty to respect them.  They can never be mistreated.  They may have reprimanded us at times.  Sometimes it can be punished.  It is for our good.  A mother and father will not punish a son or a daughter for no reason.  They may have been provoked by our misbehavior.

We need to be able to contain it.  Do not blame or blame them for it.  We should help them with household chores.  Do not forget that the security of the family is in unity.

Our loved ones should be our parents.  We must always strive to receive their love and respect.  We must believe that everything is for our good, even if they are angry with us or they beat us.

The biggest loss we can have is the loss of our parents.  We earn as much of their love as we can.

Wake up early.

Students should wake up early.  It is not a good habit to go to bed just before going to school.  Prolonged sleep can make us lazy.  Feeling bored.  It's one of our favorites.

In my experience, getting up early is the best.  Try to get up before sunrise.  If we wake up at that time, our mind will be very pure.  If you get up early and study, you will be able to understand the lessons quickly.  "So try to get up as early as you can".  Let's get used to going to bed early for that

Spend time studying

A certain amount of time should be spent studying while at home.  The best time to do this is in the evening or in the morning.  It is good to remember what was taught each day from school as soon as you get home in the evening.  It is not good to stay awake at night and study for a long time.  That tendency can lead to boredom over time.  The best time to study is when you are refreshed.

We should choose the time when we feel most refreshed for study.  We should never be ready to learn when we feel tired.  Soon we will be tired of learning.  Whenever we feel most excited and interested then we should be ready to study.

Find time for recreation

Studying for a long time while sitting still creates a kind of boredom with the study itself.  Students should engage in a variety of activities.  Entertainment gives us mental refreshment and happiness.  But learning should not be a pastime.  Students should always prioritize learning.

Another thing to keep in mind.  We need to set aside time for recreation that benefits us.  We should never have the view that we can enjoy anything in the name of entertainment.

We must never forget that a lot of games today can damage our mental state.  We should not play any such games.  In short, we must be engaged in things that refresh us mentally.

Be modest in your behavior

We should treat our neighbors, relatives, and guests with respect.  Do not utter words or actions that are offensive to them.  Treat them all with love and joy.

We should treat those who come to our homes with dignity.  We must be able to earn their love and respect.  If you achieve such a thing, you can experience its benefits in many ways.  If you earn their hatred instead, that hatred is likely to affect you in a big way.  In short, when someone comes into our home (they can be our relatives, friends, neighbors, anyone) we should try to get their will.

I'm talking here about some of the behaviors we should keep in our homes.  If we can win the love of all, all our affairs will go smoothly.  Gaining the hatred and anger of all will adversely affect us.

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