Marriage in Islam - How to Choose bride in islam?

Marriage in islam

From an Islamic point of view, marriage in Islam is very important.  In the last article we discussed how to choose the groom in islam.  Today's article discusses how to choose  bride in islamWhat is being said here needs to be taken very seriously.

When choosing a Bride in islam

Marriage is a great turning point in life.  The wife is an important factor in determining the future of life.  She plays a major role in the ups and downs of family life.  For my husband, the wife is the warmth of his heart and the peace of his mind.  She is the queen of the house and life partner.  She is the mother of his children and they are blessed.  His children grow up in her arms.  Her lifestyle and cultures of faith will have a huge impact on them.

She is often able to bring him closer and closer to his family.  All of this should be kept in mind by the groom and relatives during the wedding planning.

But many do not take this seriously.  Financial, beauty and some of their own interests are at the heart of many during marriage negotiations;  Although many say formality

What are the benefits of having a bride?  What is the main consideration?  They have been written by Islamic scholars such as Imam Ghassali (ra), a world-renowned thinker, in the light of Islamic teachings.  They have assessed the benefits of following them and the disadvantages of not doing so.  Those who want worldly success should take them into active consideration, some of which can be described.

Religious quality

"We can discuss about religious quality The bride has to

 look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else".  She should be given top priority.  Because if she is weak in keeping her body and genitals, she will stand with her husband and tarnish his dignity among the people.  Will be discredited.  Life with her would be unbearable for a proud husband.  Anger can lead to trouble and so on.  If she is indifferent to her procedure, she will be branded as arrogant and has trivialized her own religion.

If she is beautiful along with this character evil then his condition is very deplorable.  She cannot be tolerated because of her bad behavior.  His love for her cannot be separated.  There is a situation in history where a person approached the Prophet (peace be upon him).He said, "O Prophet, my wife 

will not shake the hand of anyone who touches her."  He said, "But marry her." He said, "I love her." The Prophet 

(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "But bear with her."

The image of a helpless man who cannot stop the vile nature of the wife he loves so much or live apart from her.  The miserable condition that a man who marries has to overcome the evil of ignoring religious laws - his own life will be unbearable if he stops his wife's mistake.  Will be a partner in sin if not prevented.  It is because of this predicament that Islam strongly urges the pious to marry.

Who is the ideal woman to marry?

The Prophet  muhammed said: "Do not marry for the sake of the beauty of the bride, because her beauty may ruin her, and you should not marry for the sake of her wealth. Wealth may make her disobedient. Marry her in the name of religion. It is best to have a black slave girl with a disability(Religious).

What are the three things of human happiness and the three things of misfortune?

Three things belong to man's good fortune and three things belong to his misfortune. A good wife, a good (variety and spacious) house and a good vehicle are good fortune. Bad wife, bad house and bad vehicle are bad (Ahmad, Twabrani, Bassar, Targib 3:  42).

A religious wife will live a life of devotion to herself.  Husband and family will be motivated to lead a religious life.  It will help them.  The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)...... said:The world is a place of pleasure.  But the most enjoyable of these is the wife who helps her husband in the afterlife.

Three things belong to good fortune.  One is a virtuous wife.  You will be happy to see her.  In your absence you will be safe about her body and your wealth.  Two-speed vehicle.  It will quickly bring you closer to your friends.  Three spacious and more comfortable house.  Three things are unfortunate.  One bad wife.  Just seeing her makes you bored.  Her tongue keeps blaming you.  In your absence you will be upset about her body and wealth.  Two-speed vehicle (animal used as a vehicle).  If you hit it, you will get tired. It will not get you close to your friends.  Narrow house with three amenities (Hakim Targib 3:42).

The 4 best things every human being should get

He who is given four things has received the best in this life and in the Hereafter.  

  1. A grateful mind.  
  2. The tongue that praises Allah, 
  3. The body that can endure hardships patiently.  
  4. A wife who does not desire evil in her body and her husband's wealth 

(Twabrani, Targeeb 3: 4).  These tell us how much consideration should be given to religious consciousness when choosing a bride.


"Marriage is for one of four things: beauty, wealth, character, and religion. But marry a person who is religious and virtuous.

This verse teaches that good character should be given top priority in the pursuit of marriage.  Virtue is a fundamental element in providing peace of mind and assistance in religious matters.  This is because harm from a woman whose tongue is long, vulgar, and ungrateful is more than good (Ihya: 2:35).

Women who are not allowed to marry

Imam Ghazali (ra) records that some Arab philosophers said that six types of women should not be married.

  1. Annaana: The woman who always pretends to be sick
  2. Mannaana: A woman who tells about good  things (she has done for her husband)
  3. Hannaana: A woman who desires an ex-husband or a child from her ex-husband
  4. Haddhaakha: A woman asks her husband to buy her everything she sees
  5. Barraakha: One who is proving her face bright.  Trying to make your face glow and shine by sitting in front of a mirror all day.  Two: A person who does not like to eat with others.  She eats alone.  Whatever it is, she should get her own share.
  6. Shadhaakha: Talkative, she keeps talking about need and needlessness.  Such a woman is always annoying to her husband.  Her tongue and demeanor spread unrest.  It can be annoying in family life.  These misbehaviors are incompatible with a happy and peaceful family life.


It is human nature to be interested in cosmetics.  The flower that blooms in the backyard is fascinating to anyone.  And a sense of loss when it falls.

Islam does not ignore this natural tendency.  Because Islam is a natural religion.  The Prophet muhammed said: "Allaah is beautiful. He loves beauty" (Muslim).

Islam gives due consideration to beauty when choosing a bride.  Human nature is often intertwined.  Beauty is not neglected in saying that marriage is for religion and not for beauty.  Islam discourages disregarding religion and considering only beauty.  This consideration is in the circumcision of seeing a woman who is going to marry.

Mughirat ibn Shu'abah (may Allah be pleased with him) sought marriage with a woman.  The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was informed.  He said, "Go and see her. It is better for you to be reconciled."  Imam Ghassali (may God bless him and grant him peace) has said that one who is very interested in beauty and feels that he cannot live with the bride in the framework of religion unless she is beautiful, should consider beauty in marriage and that it is to protect his religion (Ihya 2:36).

Marriage in Islam is not just a celebration, but also a form of worship that must be performed with great care.  In this article we talked about how to choose a bride in islam?.  I conclude with the hope that the things mentioned here will come under your consideration.

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