What should be the Behaviour of a student?


In the last article we discussed how our behavior should be in our homes.  Today we are going to talk about What should be the behavior of a student in school / college?


Our next destination after home is school or college.  School and college can be described as our second home.  How should we behave there and interact with others?  What etiquette should we follow there?


We must be punctual, both in and out of school.  It is one of the most important factors in life success.  Attend school on time.  Must be in school / college before class starts.  Being late and not coming on certain days is not a good habit.

The reality is that punctuality is very important in a student’s life.  Maintaining precision will help the student in many ways.  Once the things that need to be done are done at the appropriate times, a lot of time can be set aside for other things.  Lack of precision affects us in many ways.  Many of the opportunities we have will be lost because of this.

There are so many things we need to do every day.  We try to do exactly those things.  Also, try to do it on time.  Our punctuality will help us the most to achieve success in life.

So we have to become precise in the educational institution where we study and in our homes and so on.

Pay attention in class

Teachers need to listen carefully.  It is not right to look outside and engage in other thoughts during class.  That is a sign of laziness.  Know that lazy people cannot succeed in study and life.

Only those who are attentive and concentrated in class can understand things correctly.  If the student stays in class and his mind wanders to other places, the result will be defeat.

I see some students in our classes (which is also my experience) they don’t pay much attention to anything in the class and they will be in some other pastime while the teachers are taking the class.  But when the result of the exam comes, they will be in the first ranks.

We can see such people in all our classes.  This is a skill that is only available to very few people.  We do not have to have this.  So we should always pay attention in class.  If we imitate our brilliant friends and stay in class, we will have a big defeat.  So when our teachers take classes for us, we have to pay attention to their words.

Be disciplined

Discipline should become a way of life for us.  We need to be perfectly disciplined inside and outside the classroom.  We must be able to follow the rules and regulations of the school.  Discipline is the nature of the arrogant.  Pride is a shortcut to destruction.  Disobedience to the teacher's orders and violation of the rules of the institution are indicative of our misbehavior.

Harassment of teachers in the name of student struggle and so on has become a fad.  We must avoid all such dirty arrangements.  That should never be encouraged.  Don't even make friends with those guys.

We must always be disciplined in student life.  All teachers love and respect well-disciplined students.  We may not be able to study well.  However, if we are a well-disciplined student, of course our teachers and others will respect us.  We get their love and care.  If we do not study at all and we do not have discipline, it will cause everyone to be hatred.

 Love your classmates

Students should act in mutual love and trust.  The integrity and security of the large family that becomes the school is just as important as the integrity of a family.  Only when we can love our classmate can we love others.  Do not call or ridicule a classmate.  Do not hate or hate them.  Do not do or say anything that hurts him.  It will cause a rift in our school family.

All of our friends must work for our good.  More and more students are buying teachers' hatred in the name of bad friendships.  So let us choose friends who can bring some good and virtue into our lives.

There is a saying in Malayalam, "If a friend is good, he does not need a mirror (changathi nannayal kannadi venda)".  This means that if we have good friends, our beauty will have no flaws.

Attend events

Various events are organized at the school and college.  Organizational anniversaries, Independence Day celebrations, youth festivals, art and sports competitions and literary societies are some of the events that take place here.  We must have our active participation and cooperation in all of them.  It will help us to be noticed and get more consideration and encouragement from teachers and institutional authorities.

We get the most opportunities during our study period.  Taking advantage of those opportunities in that situation will make it a great asset to our future.  If we do not use it, we will incur huge losses.

Not everyone can sing well but everyone can preach well.  We have passed before us many great men who preached well in spite of many problems.  Of course we must have learned to preach well during school or college.  We may not have had this opportunity another time

Keep the school and its surroundings clean

We must be clean and tidy.  Cleanliness should be our companion in every way.  We need to be different from the way we dress and walk to the time before the dinner table.  Similarly, we must keep the school and its surroundings clean.  That is our duty.  Do not litter in classrooms or elsewhere.  If you notice someone doing that, you need to convince them and back off.  If you find such rubbish anywhere on the school premises, remove it or bring it to the notice of the authorities.

In my case, cleanliness is something I do not pay much attention to.  Dirtyness is often the cause of my humiliation.  What I want to tell you is that you must be clean.  Our body, clothing and the places we use should always be kept clean.  When it comes to dirty situations, of course we have to overcome it.  Being clean does not mean you have to have a lot of new clothes, it's always that you have to be clean.

I'm here to talk about some of the behaviors that every student should maintain at school.  We need to become owners of good personalities. (What should be the Behaviour of a student?) I conclude by believing that these tips will help.

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