Hadith for the day - Hadith of the day about purity of purpose

Hadith for the day

Assalamu Alaikum, we are the ones who do a lot of good deeds.  Often the reward for our good deeds is lost because of our impurity of purpose.  In  Hadith of the day,  we are discussing the hadith about the purity of purpose.  Of course, what we are discussing in Hadith of the day  is something we must remember.

Hadith of the day about purity of purpose

Report from Hazrat Umar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him). Umar (ra)  said: "I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say:  "Indeed, deeds are accepted according to intentions. Each person will receive only what he intends, and if his escape (Hijra) is to Allah and His Messenger, then his escape will be to Allah and His Messenger. for worldly gain. If one's escape is for worldly gain, he will get it.  Or if one's Hijra is to marry a girl, he can marry her. In short, a person will only get what he migrates for. (Muttafaqun alaihi)

The essence of Hadith of the day

Leaving one's homeland and migrating is a very sacrificial act.  Even that would be futile in the absence of purpose.  If a person does good deeds for the sake of name, fame and other material interests, he should not expect anything in the Hereafter.  It is mentioned by prophet (PBUH)  that one of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) migrated to marry the beautiful and wealthy Umm Khaisan.  All good deeds are the same as the Hijra.  The purpose for which they do it is to achieve that purpose.

What we need to understand from Hadith of the day

We do a lot of good deeds.  Or they may be doing very little good.  No matter how many good deeds we do or how many good deeds we do, if Allah wants to accept them, our intention must be pure.

Suppose we donate a lot of money to someone.  Our purpose is to be known by this good deed.  We must know that we will not receive any reward from Allah for this good deed.  Instead, perhaps we can achieve our goal.  Now suppose we have only a few coins in our hands.  If we give those coins to anyone who wants the reward of Allah, Allah will give us the reward of lakhs.  In short, whatever we do, we should try to do it with good intentions.

What do we do if we see a big rock or thorn in our side?  If he is a Muslim, he will take it away.  So if we remove that thorn from the path, Allah will give us a great reward.  This is also part of Iman.  We should do this only for the reward of God.  But only God will reward us.  Our intention is good here.  But if we did this so that people would see, we would not be rewarded by God.

Now suppose we do that good deed only for the reward of Allah, but the people gathered there praised our good deed, so we got two good fortunes.  One is the reward from God and the other is the praise of the people.  I have said this only to point out one thing to you.  Our goal should never be to show people or anything else, but to please God.  If the only goal is the reward from Allah, then Allah will give all other blessings (material).

The goal of our good deeds should never be the praise of the people or anything else.  Our goal should be a reward from God.  Otherwise we will become the ones who have lost great rewards for the praise of a very short time.  May Allah make us do good deeds with good intentions ... Amen

We have discussed the importance of purity of purpose in the hadith of the day.  I would like to end by requesting that you make all possible contributions to the survival of this blog.  Assalamu alaykum warahmathullah.

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