Women in Islam - First man and women in the world

Women in islam

Here is the question we all have the potential to have.  Who will be the first man in the world? and who will be the first woman in the world? What is their history? Today's article is a brief description of Adam and Eve, the first mam and women on earth.

Who was the first man in the world?

Prehistoric times.  The earth is inhabited by a special category of creatures.  And the angels in the heavenly world.  The inhabitants of the land soon became violent, ubiquitous and unjust.  GOD punished the transgressors.  They were expelled from the face of the earth.

Time passed quickly.  God once said to the angels:  "Angels, I am appointing a representative on earth."  When the angels heard this, they asked Allah.  "Why do you create mischief on earth and 

bloodshed, for we praise your holiness all the time and praise you!" Allah said, "I know what you do not know.

What was the creation of the first man?

Then God created man.  Creation was done with soil.  The first man was created under the name "Adam" which means soil.  Adam began to dwell in heaven.

Allah taught Adam the names of all things.  Then he called the angels.  He said, showing them some objects.  "Angels, can you name these?" The angels could not say their names.  "Lord, we do not know what you said," she replied.  So God commanded Adam.  "Adam! Tell them their names. Adam immediately began to recite their names."  I know the unseen things in the heavens and the earth, and what you reveal and what you conceal.

The angels were dissatisfied with the appointment of a representative on earth.  By this incident Allah made known to them the glory of the representative of the earth.  Then came a great event.  GOD has told all the angels.  "Angels, you must prostrate yourself before Adam."

Did Iblis prostrate himself before Adam?

Prostrate  to the new creation that God created from dust, and the angels are light creatures.  But is it possible to disobey the command of Allah?  They immediately bowed to Adam.  The server also bowed his head before Adam.  Iblis was a master of living among the angels.  The Guru (Teacher) of many exalted angels.

Iblis is also commanded to prostrate.  But he was not ready for it.  Adam was a clay creature;  I'm a fire creature!  I bow my head to the trivial man!  He boasted.

Iblis stands proudly without bowing.  Then the question of Allah is heard.  "Iblis, what is this? Why do you not prostrate?"  He immediately replied: "Shall I prostrate myself to the man whom Thou hast created of clay, created of fire?"

Arrogance!  Excessive pride !!  The command of God came immediately.  "Iblis, go down, get out of heaven."  When he heard God's command, he fled without looking.

The curse of Allah fell on the expelled Iblis with contempt.  "I will lead them astray all the way," a bitter hatred for men filled his heart.  "You can not

deceive my innocent slaves."  God said to him.

The first woman in the world

Prophet Adam lives in Paradise.  Once he was asleep.  A woman is near when she wakes up!  "Eve".  The world's first woman.  Eve was created from the ribs of Adam (a) while he was asleep.

Adam is very happy to see Eve BV.  Seeing a partner for the first time.  When he stretched out his hand and was ready to receive, behold, the commandment came.  "Adam .. it's not time, you give mahr first!"

Adam!  The first man in the world, Eve!  The world's first woman!  Both live in heaven.  Filled with fruits!  They lived by plucking fruits and enjoying the heavenly beauty in the beautiful shade of the trees. They can eat any kind of fruit.  But God had left only one tree.  "Do not approach that tree. If you do, you will fall among the wrongdoers."

The mistake that Adam and Eve made in heaven

Iblis, who is out of heaven with unbridled hatred for mankind, must immediately take action and To expel Adam and Eve from heaven.  He insisted.  He approached the gates of heaven.  Constantly began to seduce.  "Did I tell you not to

eat that fruit? It was forbidden for you to become angels."  Beginning with various temptations, Iblis' hard work finally paid off.  They plucked the forbidden fruit and ate it.  Suddenly everything changed.  The nudity of the two was exposed, and the first couple were embarrassed, and they hurried to pluck the leaves of the tree of heaven and forget the nudity.  Before that complicated moment is over, there comes the command of Allah, "O Adam couple, descend, descend from heaven to earth!"

Within seconds, Adam and Eve set foot on earth.  The beginning of human origin on earth.

Allah told them to descend from Paradise to earth.  "You

will receive messages from me to guide you. Those who follow my guidance will have no fear. They will not have to grieve."  Allah has said this to the whole of mankind, the children of the Adam couple.

In short this is the history of the first woman and man in this worldAdam and Eve are the parents of all men in this world.  May Allah bless us to be with them in Paradise ... Ameen

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