Women in Islam - Religions and gender equality in ancient Communities

Women in islam

Different religions and societies have different views on women.  In ancient times, most religions adopted views that oppressed women.  Women's rights were not given in these societies. In today's article we will discuss Religion and gender equality in ancient Communities. We can discuss about Women in islam in next articles

Who were the first people on earth?

The first humans to set foot on earth were a man named Adam (a) and a woman named Eve.  When they began family life, mankind multiplied.  Eve gave birth to twins of different sexes each time.  Thus mankind spread.
At that time, there was no distinction between men and women, who were an integral part of the human race.  They lived according to their nature. 

Allah did not discriminate between them in Paradise and they enjoyed each other's company.  The fruit was plucked and eaten. Together they regretted it.

Misconceptions about women

As time went on, the world changed a lot. The woman, the man's companion, fell into the abyss of humiliation.  She was humiliated.  Was attacked.  She had no right to live as a human being in the dark days of the past.

There is an introduction to this misery experienced by women.  This situation must have been the result of a big misunderstanding.  "God created mankind in Paradise. We were all supposed to enjoy heavenly bliss there today. The first woman, Eve, brought us to this earth.  This is the worst kind of perception.  This toxic perception had the wrong effect on male hearts.

This misconception spread by the heretics was the main reason for the hellish life of the women.  Women were often portrayed as demons in many societies.  In some places as images of the devil.  They were subjected to severe male oppression.  Does the devil deserve forgiveness for throwing a man out of heaven? This belief still exists in the world in the name of certain religions.

Women - Among the ancient Jewish community

Those who have distorted the Shari'ah of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) have portrayed women as very vile.  In their scripture, women are an inheritance.  Their law even states that if the husband does not have sons, she is entitled to her husband's siblings.  One can sell his girl.  The woman is cursed for the sin of eating the forbidden fruit.

Women - Among the ancient Brahmans and sathi

In India, Brahmins degraded women to a great extent.  She has no right to comment.  According to Manu's rules, the girl is owned by her father.

Then owned by her husband.  If he dies, she must die too.  When his body is burned in the pile, she must jump into it too.  Until recently, this "suicide" existed in India.  What if she somehow escaped from the fire pit?  She's her husband's brother!  Or give to the ruler.  The face of women in Hindu legal literature is pathetic.  They dictate that a storm, death, hell, or poison is no worse than a woman.

Women - Among the ancient Persians and in Africa

The son can marry the mother.  New to the father.  This was once the case in Persia.  They believed that she was the source of the destruction.  As a punishment, they made women public property.  We see a different situation in Africa.  A woman marries many men.  She works hard to feed these men.  The woman has to go hunting.  She must bear the brunt of the beginnings of life.  These women were even willing to cut their body parts to attract men!

Women - Among the ancient  chinese.

In China, too, women were in a sea of misery.  The wife is not allowed to sit and eat with her husband.  She must always bow before him.  If he dies then she can no longer enjoy life.  The man can remarry on the same day.

Women - Among the ancient Greeks.

In ancient Greece it was her time of trouble when a woman got married.  She must spend time listening to her husband's abuse.  No right to divorce.  If he hears that a woman is going to court for a divorce, her husband will take her away and put her in chains at home.

When civilization reached its zenith in Greek, women were scattered there.  Male-female encounters are common in public places and cities.  Adultery and other vices became rampant there.

Women - in ancient  Arabia

Now look at the condition of women in Arabia, before Islam, Arabia was the morgue of women's hopes and desires.  If a girl was born there, the family was considered abusive.  They became the object of ridicule from strangers.  The father's face turns pale with the birth of a daughter.  The whole family seemed devastated.  When a woman begins to have a miscarriage, she goes straight to the edge of the prepared pit.  If the baby is a girl, go to the pit before opening her eyes, and immediately cover the soil and return home as if nothing had happened.  Even if the girl somehow escapes this murder, she will not be able to live for more than six years.

At the age of six, the father takes a bath, puts on new clothes and holds the child's hand while walking.  Towards the edge of the previously prepared pit, while playing the harp, the child was hanged and dragged away by a large boulder.  That 's the end of the little girl's pity.  It was so cruel.

In short, most religions have adopted the view that women are oppressed in ancient societies.  With the advent of Islam, the condition of women changed drastically.  We will discuss these topics in the following articles.

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