Women in islam - Muslim women And appearances in public

Women in islam

The freedom of women in Islam is a subject that is widely misunderstood.  Many allege that many of the laws of Islam oppress women.  One such misunderstood major issue is the public appearance of women  in islam.

Is it is permissible for the Muslim women’S to talk to the society?

If the purpose of this question is to speak to the society from a platform, then the reality is that it is forbidden for a Muslim woman to speak to the community. According to the Islamic view, a Muslim woman should not appear in public. 

No longer does Islam forbid a woman from speaking at an event designed for women. If there are only women in the audience, there is nothing wrong with speaking.  The condition is that the event should not be for men either.

Why muslim women should not talk to society?

There are two ways to answer this.  First of all, as mentioned earlier, it is not appropriate for a woman to speak in a forum involving men.  The Islamic view is that a woman's voice is not aura.  But it is better for women to stay away from such opportunities. 

Islam teaches that women should cover their voices because of the possibility of fitnah. Moreover, women have to show their aura to people on such occasions. 

Islam places more emphasis on the safety of women.  Women are more likely to have many problems when they appear in front of others.  Men are more likely to exploit women who are generally healthier.  Women have a voice that attracts men and therefore men are more likely to be attracted to her.  It can lead to a variety of problems and irregularities.

The reference here is to the speech before the Society.  As mentioned earlier, this is not a problem for women if she speaks with community of women's.

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What is the way for a woman to talk to society?

This is the second answer. If a woman wants to do Islamic preaching or wants to talk to them about what society needs, writing is the best way.  From the Islamic point of view, there is no problem and it is more encouraged. No issues related to women's safety arise here.  

It is best to use methods such as writing.  Islam has never encouraged women to go public.  Islam never encourages women to preach or sing in public.  The safest for them are their homes.  It is the duty of men to provide for what women need.  He should marry only if he has the ability to do so.

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Have any of the wives of the Prophet appeared in public?

There is evidence that the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught the Hadith (sitting behind the veil) and other women cared for the wounded on the battlefield.  He has also commented on administrative matters but there is no evidence that he preached or spoke before the Society (Allah knows).

There is a prophetic admonition that you should not go out like the women of Jahiliyyah.  When Allah revealed the verse of hijab, the wives of the Prophet accepted it with great joy.  Allah has given them a way to travel safely.  Famous Malayalam writer Kamala Suraya has spoken about the glory of hijab.

In short, it is not good for a woman in Islam to talk to society.  There is no prohibition in Islam for her to say what she wants to say in other ways than appearing in public.

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