Hadith for the day - Hadith of the day about importance of patience

Hadith of the day

We all face different situations.  Some situations make us happy and some make us sad.  Through Hadith of the day we are discussing how we should behave in such situations.  The Prophet (PBUH) teaches us exactly this.

Hadith of the day about  importance of patience

Reported by Abu Yahya Suhaib ibn Sinan.  The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The thing of the believer is a miracle, and everything is good for him. This characteristic is none other than the believer. When he rejoices, he gives thanks.  That would be good for him. He will keep Patience when He is in trouble.  That, too, will be beneficial to him.  (Muslim)

The essence of Hadith of the day

Believers praise GOD whenever things bring them happiness.  And when troubles come, they will be forgive.  In short, whatever happens is a blessing to them.

What should we learn from Hadith of the day?

There are a lot of happy and sad things that happen in the lives of all of us.  It seems that grief is more likely to occur in the lives of many.

There has been more happiness in my life than sorrow ..... Alhamdulillah.  That's not what you want it to be.  In fact, the pleasures and sorrows of our lives are the trials of Allah.

Are pleasures and sorrows the trials of Allah?

When we have happy things, we rejoice and celebrate.  For example, we often rejoice when a person succeeds in business or is promoted in the workplace.  But how do we use such contexts?  Do we remember Allah who gave us all these joys on such occasions?  Do we celebrate in a way that is permissible in Islam?  In most cases the answer will be "no".

We also have to face difficulties.  We often grieve over the death of someone in our family, the loss of our job, our illness, or our failure to pass exams.

We often curse those troubled times.  We often lament, "O Allah, this has happened to me."  we will cry loudly.  Some even get caught up in mental conflicts.  But is that how we should behave in such cases?  Patience is what a believer needs to hold on to in such situations.

How should a Muslim behave in a situation where pleasures and sorrows arise?

When good things happen in the life of a Muslim, he should praise Allah.  We all forget Allah at such times.  All a believer has to do is forgive when sorrows arise.  He can pray for the calamity to come upon him.  Instead, we should not weep or mourn over the occurrence of such a situation.  That is what the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) teaches us through today's Hadith.

The reward of God for those who keep patience

Indeed, Allah has promised a great reward for those who keep patience.  Let us listen to a hadith of the Prophet.  Report from Abu Hurairah.  The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "If the life partner of a believer dies and he kept patience and seeks a reward from Allaah, he has no other reward with me but Paradise."  (Bukhari)

Is patience half of faith in islam?

In another hadith, we can see that if a believer loses both eyes and he kept patience, his reward is paradise.  The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught that patience is half of faith.

How many problems are happening in our societies due to impatience.  If many of us had the will to forgive, there would be no more violence.

How can you calm down when you are angry?

Anger is fire, and we use water to put out fires.  The best way to control anger is to take vulu.  Please make Special care should be taken to stay away from such a situation.  If you become angry and have an uncontrollable situation, then pray two rak'ahs.  Anger will change and calm will come.

In short, Islam is a religion that places great importance on patience.  The pleasures and sorrows of human life are the trials of Allah.  Of course, we must be patient if we are to succeed in those trials.  I believe that you have understood the importance of forgiveness through Hadith of the day.  May Allah bless us to be among the patient ... Ameen


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