Women in islam - Liberation of women in Islam

Women in islam

Islam is the religion of mercy.  Islam has never looked down on any creation.  Islam has given due consideration to everything.  The woman in Islam is never neglected.  Islam is the religion of women's liberation.  Women in Islam are safe in all areas.  In today's article, we will discuss the issue of women's emancipation in Islam.

Meeting in AD 586 at France about women

A.D.  In 586 a high-level meeting was convened in France.  The meeting was to discuss about  women.  intellectuals lined up at the meeting to comment on the women.  Big debates ensued.  The debate centered on whether women were human or not.  Eventually the meeting came to a decision.  "Women should be considered human beings.  But she was created only to do foot service for men!  "

This incident took place in AD 586. This is perhaps the greatest recognition women have ever received.

At the time of this incident, the Holy Prophet was in his teens in Arabia.  The Prophet was fifteen years old then.  The incident was quoted in France, a well-known country at the time.  Then what is the end of a woman in the rest of the world?  The misery mentioned in the previous chapter is everywhere reaching a climax.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) enters Makkah with the message of truth as women are suffering in a miserable condition not only in Arabia but in the whole world.  With that, the trumpet of transformation sounded all over the world.  He constantly fought against violence and injustice.  He declared that women should be allowed to live as human beings in the world.  They are not the devil.  Not an animal;  Is the life partner of the man.  The Prophet (peace be upon him) convinced the world.

What does the Qur'an say about women?

"People, We have created you from a male and a female". We have made chariots and tribes to know one another. They are the best of you who are the most pious!"

The Qur'an announced.  "O people, beware of the Lord who created you from a body, out of which Allah created his mate. In Islam, men and women are mutually exclusive.

Women and men in Islamic worship

The Islamic philosophy is a complex of many beliefs and practices.  There is no difference between men and women in matters of faith.  Without faith both have no salvation.  Both are rewarding if you believe.  "Whoever does good to men and women while they are believers will enter Paradise."  The Qur'an awakens.

Does Islam discriminate against women?

Islam does not discriminate between men and women in rituals.  It is obligatory for both men and women to perform the obligatory acts of prayer, fasting, Zakat and Hajj, from which the woman is not excluded or the man is given special consideration, and the man has no special place with Allah.  Those who fear God have a place with Him.

The man is a symbol of strength and power.  The woman is weaker than the man.  It is a system based on social status.  A creative difference.  It is only with this in mind that Islam disciplines her.  Therefore, women are entitled to many benefits in rituals that are not available to men.

Is it permissible for a woman in Islam to pray during menstruation?

Menstrual blood is a part of female nature.  Then Islam does not command her to pray.  It is not even suggested to perform it later: she may avoid fasting if she is afraid of physical weakness during pregnancy, and she will have to go to Mecca for Hajj from a distant land only if she has a "mahram" relative to perform it later.  Thus, Islam has given many characteristics to a woman considering her physical weakness.

Woman in Islam and access to Paradise

Look at the Qur'an declaring that a woman will enter Paradise.  "Whoever does good deeds, both men and women, will enter Paradise, wherein innumerable blessings will be bestowed."

Today we are amazed at this declaration of the Qur'an, is it just to say that if a woman does good deeds, she will enter Paradise?  But the Qur'an proclaimed this at a time when it was being debated in the world whether women have souls like men.  It was not long before this proclamation that some religious leaders ruled that she had no soul, and that she should be bitten on the nose like a biting dog or a donkey.  Precious life Before Islam, women's lives had no value.

Wars and the Protection of Women in Islam

In many places they would kill her with the ease of killing an ant.  It was a matter of pride to bury her alive in Arabia.  But in Islam, a woman's life is precious.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to advise his Companions to go to war.  There is no difference of religion or age.  So the swords of Islam have not unjustly taken the life of any woman.

The period when girls were buried alive

Islam strongly warns against burying girls.  This excavation process existed in Arabia in two ways.  Fear of humiliation and fear of poverty.  The Qur'an declares that this is not permissible in any situation.  "Do not kill children for fear of poverty. I am the one who feeds not only them but also you."

That horrible system that existed in Arabia at that time still exists in our countries in a new form today.  In a more devious and diabolical way!  At that time a woman was allowed to give birth.  Today, some deny that.  If the fetus is sexed by a female, it ruthlessly kills her.  This atrocity is taking place in the world as part of Western culture.  Islam described it as forbidden and forbidden fourteen centuries ago.

In Islam, the mother or the wife should be given priority

There are some laws in Islamic law that show that a woman's life is worth more than a man's life.  Islam's compassion for women, who are truly vulnerable, is to let an elderly mother and father live.  He can only feed one of them.  But he has to feed his mother.

Who do you think I deserve the most? "Someone came to you and asked," Your mother. "  This was the reply of the Holy Prophet.  When asked who was the second and third, he replied, "To your mother."

Punishment in Islam for killing one another

According to Islamic law, a murderer is sentenced to death if he kills another unjustly.  There is no difference between men and women.  A man who kills a woman will also be put to death.

Thus, by examining the various precepts of Islam, the value and status of the life of a woman in that religion becomes clear.  Human life is priceless.  Women are also human, and Islam was the first to make women equal to men in this regard.

In short, Islam has taken a stand to protect women.  Islam is the religion of women's liberation.  Islam is a religion that came to the rescue of women.  Anyone can understand these things from accurate studies.

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