Here are some ways to improve the relationship between husband and wife

 Every family relationship succeeds when they understand and love each other. Love arises between husband and wife when they understand and try to recognize each other's strengths and weaknesses. There is no flawed human being in this world and everyone has flaws in some way or another. We lose respect for others when we see our own flaws as too small and magnify the flaws of others. Every human wants to be respected and loved. It is certain that if we do not consider the wishes of others, they will hate us just as much as we hate them if they act against our wishes. In today's article, we are discussing some things that husbands and wives need to understand each other.

There are three things a husband should have more than his wife

There are three things a husband should have more than his wife


Age matters a lot in marriage. It is always better for the husband to be older than the wife. Because normally we respect and honor our elders. Yes, there should be a method in married life too. According to Islamic belief, the husband is the head of the household. It is the husband's responsibility to fulfill all the needs of his wife. The Islamic view is that the wife should not work or engage in other activities. Instead, it is the husband's duty to provide her with everything she needs. Naturally, age becomes a big factor when it comes to a wife taking charge of her husband. Having the husband older than the wife can maintain mutual respect and admiration. But love is the greatest. When the great prophet Muhammad married his wife Khadija, the Prophet was 25 years old and Khadija was 40 years old.


The husband should have more knowledge than the wife. It will make the marriage more secure. If the wife is more knowledgeable than the husband, the wife is likely to belittle the husband and due to this many problems may arise in the family life. Therefore, the husband should be more knowledgeable than the wife. A husband who is naturally knowledgeable can teach his wife and make her understand what she needs. . Therefore, when we get married, try to choose wives who are less knowledgeable than us. Wives who are more knowledgeable than their husbands should try to respect and honor their husbands.

The money

Another thing that a husband should have more than a wife in a marriage is money. It has already been mentioned that all the responsibilities of the wife are assigned to the husband. He must have enough money in his hand to meet all the needs of his wife. Otherwise the means of making money should also be in front of him. A woman who has more money than her husband does not usually respect her husband. This is something that we can usually understand. At the time of marriage, it is best for husbands to try to choose wives from families of less wealth than their own. According to Islamic belief, men have no right over women's property. Therefore, husbands have no right to demand money from their wives to meet their expenses. In short, it is best to choose a wife who is less wealthy than him.

 Five things a wife should have more than her husband


Patience is a more important quality that a wife should possess than a husband in married life. Women are generally more forgiving and forgiving than men. Therefore, the reality is that patience is very important in married life. . As people living together, we need to be able to tolerate, forgive and understand each other's faults and mistakes. If not, the chances of various problems in family life are very high. Men are usually very quick-tempered and somewhat harsh people. Women are naturally resilient and compassionate people. Therefore, women are more capable of forgiving and understanding the faults of others. A loving and happy family life comes when you understand each other's characteristics and can proceed accordingly.


Love is another important quality that a wife should have over her husband. An important characteristic of women is the ability to love sincerely. It is scientifically proven that women are more loving and understanding than men. Therefore, a wife needs to take extra care to love her husband and children. It is true that a wife or a mother can change people with any type of problem through loving behavior.


The wife is in charge of the household. The husband is responsible for providing the necessary things for his wife and children. The wife is the responsible person who takes over the household management and manages it very well. Then it is said that cleanliness is a quality that women should have more than men. Women can keep the house and surroundings more clean. It does not mean that women have to do the whole thing themselves, rather it is important to involve the husband and children in cleaning matters and for the wife to supervise. . Cleanliness is very important in the life of a Muslim.


It is the wife's duty to plan everything related to the family properly. Because it is the husband's duty to earn money to spend on the things she and her children need. A wife should understand her husband's wealth and spend accordingly. Usually, if men go to the shops to buy some things, we can see that they buy a lot of necessary and unnecessary things. It is also a huge waste of money. Then it is necessary to have the attention of the wife in such matters. That way the husband can keep the money and spend it on other good things. The most important thing is to buy only the things you need. Islam is never a religion that condones unnecessary spending.


A wife can focus more on religious matters than her husband. Because being someone who lives in a home-related environment, a wife can pay more attention to Islamic worship as well. Therefore, the wife is entitled to take the lead in such matters. It is the duty of a wife to supervise the religious affairs of her husband and children, to give them the necessary instructions and to encourage them in such matters. A mother's prayer is the most answered prayer. It is the woman who gets the most answers to prayer than the father. Therefore, in the family life, the wife should be the one who does religious activities more than the husband and should pay attention to such matters.

Three things both should have in common

  • Understanding
  • Endurance
  • respect

 And the wife who loves her husband in poverty He is a husband who loves his wife in old age

The best couple in this world.

She told him, "Don't call the doctor, I want to sleep peacefully with your hand in mine."

He tells her about their colorful past,

About their meeting, about their first kiss, they didn't cry, didn't regret anything, instead they smiled because they were grateful.

Then, she softly whispered, 'I love you so much.!'Me too.!' He returned her words and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes and rested her head in his hand and slept peacefully, a sleep that never woke up.

 Love is truly priceless because everyone comes into this world with nothing but love and leaves with nothing but love. Think about it.. career, money, status, All our possessions are mere tools and nothing more.

All of us have to go through these conditions if not today or tomorrow. Everything we thought was ours will be left here. So love without measure, Love those who love you, as if nothing else in your life is more important than love.

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