How Allah accepts our prayers 3. way of accepting our prayers

We are always praying to Allah asking many things. At least sometimes we have felt that why our prayers are not answered. But Allah answers our prayers in different ways. The reality is that Allah never abandons a person's prayer. In one way or another, Allah's supplication will be accepted. In today's article we are discussing how Allah answers our prayers. Dua's are answered in 3 ways

How Allah accepts our prayers 3.  way of accepting our prayers

Dua will be answered quickly

 For example: Once the people complained to the Prophet (PBUH) about the lack of rain and when he prayed from the pulpit it started raining in Madinah before he came down from the pulpit and it rained for a month.

ALLAH  does not immediately give what he asks and puts it off for another day.

 When the Prophet (SAW) was praying near the Holy Kaaba Sharif while he was in prostration, the enemies came and put a rotting necklace of camel's intestines on the back of the Prophet (SAW). The Prophet (PBUH) could not get up. It was the little girl Fatimah (RA) who came running and took the necklace from her father's neck. At that time the Prophet (PBUH) prostrated and prayed against them and Allah (PBUH) answered it in the battle of Badr that took place years later.

 When one makes dua without answering it, its reward Relegated to the hereafter. Or it saves him from impending dangers.

The Prophet (PBUH) says: Allah will bring a believer on the Day of Resurrection. Then he will be asked. Did I not command you in this world that you should pray to me? Didn't I tell you that if you make dua like that, I will answer it... And did you make dua for me... A man of faith will say. Yes Allah I prayed..

Then Allah will say; Didn't I answer you when you asked me those things..  Don't you remember that when you had that difficulty, when you were in trouble, you prayed to me and I changed it....

He will say yes he remembers. Again Allah will ask; Then once you asked me something and you didn't get it.... He would say; no (At that time he will remember everything)

At that time Allah will say in front of the people in the fortress; I did not intend to fulfill all the things you asked for the short life of the world. I have deferred its reward to an endless life that will be far more difficult than the short-term difficulties you experience in this world. There is a word that a man of faith says when the gate of Allah's commandment is opened for him by saying this.

O Allah.... How much more blessed would Allah have been than this blessing if He had not answered even a single question I asked in this world and left it all to this other world....

 May Allah (swt) grant us taufeeq to get our reward tomorrow in the other world.... I have been making dua for a long time, but Allah (swt) has not yet answered. The closest a slave is to Allah is when he is in prostration...

Even after the Prophet (PBUH) prayed in sujood, if Allah (PBUH) answered that dua after many years, does it make sense to say that our dua should be answered now that we have committed so many sins? Make dua with faith that if not today or tomorrow you will surely get an answer.. May Allah bless you..

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