What are the 3 types of najis in Islam? what islam says about cleaning 2023

 We want to wear good and clean clothes everytime. But sometimes our clothes will be Muddy and impure. Islam teach us how to clean our clothes and other things from najas. In today's article we discuss about how to clean our things and what are the 3 types of najas in islam.

What is the najas (impure) in islam

What are the 3 types of najis in Islam? what islam says about cleaning 2023

We can find najas in our clothes, body, home, vehicles because of many reasons. We can't clean every najas in same way. There are different ways to clean najas. Najas is very important in our prayers. We should sure about our clothes and floors its very clean and there are no najas.

Purity is a part of iman (faith). Islam also giving importance to such people. Allah will not accept our prayers and other good deeds if our body and mind in najas. So we have to give a big importance to purity. There are three types of najas. We can discuss about them. 

Major: Dog, Pig and beings born from them (Mu'allal)

This najas is very important. We have to wash this one seven times with water. And  first one should be with soiled water. If there is any najas remaining, we should clean it first. It will be considered as the first one. 

For example a dog entered to our home and It also defecated in the house. Firstly we have to clean it. And use soiled water after it 6 time with pure water. But if we touch a dog or pig, we can't find anything in our hand or body. We clean our body or cloth with water (first with soiled water and 6 times with pure water). moderate

Moderate:P Impure with blood, urine, etc (muthavassith)

If it becomes impure with faeces, urine, blood, flesh, blood, carcasses of humans, fish, and birds, intoxicating liquids, etc., it should be washed until its colour, smell, and taste disappear.  It's okay if the colour or smell remains even after washing with great difficulty.  Colour and smell should not remain together.

Minor: Urine of a boy under two years of age who drinks nothing but milk (muhaffaf)

What are the 3 types of najis in Islam? what islam says about cleaning 2023

If a boy under two years of age who does not drink anything other than milk urinates, it is enough to pour water to cover the area where he urinated.  No need to wash.  If there is impurity like urine on the ground, if it is dry, it is sufficient to water the ground covering the entire area.  If it is stuck then pour water only after removing it.

Above are the 3 najas according to Islamic belief.  Each najas has different forms to be cleansed.  Only if we understand it correctly, the worship we do will be accepted.  .  Islam is a religion that gives great importance to cleanliness.  May Allah give us thoufiq to understand things more and live accordingly, Ameen

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